Year 4 Mini-Olympics

9th July 2015

On the 9th July 2015 Year 4 went to Hillcrest school to compete in the mini olympics. We got onto the coach at a few minutes past 9. As we drew nearer the whole class seemed to get more and more excited. when we finally got of, we could see a huge white tent. Inside the tent was a girl holding a plastic bag full of green bibs. As soon as we reached the tent everyone rushed to get a bib.

Afterwards Mr. Clayton told us which group we were in; tennis, handball, football, rowing, dancing or athletics. 6 of us were in handball, after lots of matches and hard work we came 4th. Over all Paganel didn’t really do too well, but there was still the afternoon to go…

After we had had lunch a few of the boys went to play football, the rest of us just sat around and chatted. Then we swapped groups, this time we were more determined.  Unfortunately Paganel didn’t win but we still had a great time. Then we went back to school and were awarded a medal and a certificate before going home. 


written by Nadia, Y4