Visit from Gisela Stuart MP

6th March 2015
Last Friday 27th February, Gisela Stuart MP visited to see the democratic process in action at Paganel Priamry School. She met our very own School Council, each of whom are elected representatives for their class expressing the Pupil Voice.
Year 6 School Councillors said the following about our MPs visit:
I liked Gisela Stuart coming to the school because we got to learn diffrent things like how to raise money for the school andwhat job she has.
When Gisela Stuart  came to meet the school council, she was very nice to us and told a interesting story all about when she was a child. It was a very personal story. She even gets to park under Big Ben! All because of her being a MP.  
When Gisela Stuart arrived we discussed about her live as an MO and asked her a few questions about her MP life and a few personal questions.She replied to our questions and told us the following facts:
  • She lives in London from Monday-Thursday.
  • Birmingham Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • She was born in Germany.
  • She came to Great Britain to study the English culture and language.
  • She soon became MP in 1997.
She gave us advice about how to raise money for our school.