Tri-Golf Competition

10th June 2015
On wednesday 10th June, 8 of us from Year 5 and 9 pupils from Year 3/4 went to Shenly Academy to take part in a 'Tri-Golf Competition'.
When we first got there a leader did some warm-ups with us and we all ran around the field to keep us energised. Then another leader played piggy-in-the-middle with us, while Greg (the golf instructor) set up all of the games for us to play.
After that Greg put all of the 5 schools into lines. There were 2 lines for each school; a line for Year 3/4 and a line for Year 5s because we were separated into 2 groups. Then we played games to score as many points as we could. There was a leader on each game counting up the points. we played 8 games in total.
Eventually, at the end of playing all the games, we all came back together and the teacher of each group chose a person who showed the most self-belief throughout the games. Out of Year 5 it was Reece and for Year 3/4 it was Callum. Then we found out the scores; Year 3/4 came 2nd with 540 points and Year 5 also came 2nd with 767 points. We were only a few points away from winning.
Overall we are happy to have taken part in this event and a very special thank you to My Clayton, the Shenly crew and our amazing golf instructor.
written by Evie & Brodie (Year 5)