The Science Fair is on its way...

9th March 2015

Calling all budding scientists!!

Our Paganel Science Fair is on its way!

Your challenge is to perform a simple science experiment that you can show to the rest of the class.  Please ask a family member to help you choose a simple science activity that you can perform by yourself.  There are lots of great ideas for simple science investigations on the following website:

Alternatively, you could search other Internet sites, or visit the library for more ideas.

If at all possible, the science investigation should be related to you recent science topic.

You will need to practise the experiment at home so that you know exactly what to do when you bring it into school.  Your parents may help you practise at home, but you will have to demonstrate the experiment without their help for the rest of you class.  You will perform your experiment to the rest of the class as part of you Science Fair during the week commencing 16th March (British Science Week).

A winning scientist will be chosen from each class and these will then perform their experiments to the rest of the school.

Don’t forget to bring all the materials you need for the experiment.

Good Luck, super scientist!

Some ideas from a Science Assembly