The Paganel Primary School Maths Curriculum

The backbone of the Paganel Maths Curriculum are the expectations set out in the EYFS developmental bands and the National Curriculum (2014) Key Stage One and Two documents.

The main aims of the maths curriculum at Paganel are that children:

  • develop fluency (they link ideas and relationships together easily and become quick and accurate at mental maths);
  • become excellent at problem solving (some examples can be found in the problem solving folder);
  • develop mathematical reasoning (how children think about their maths and explain their thinking).
In order to achieve these aims we have produced a set of examples of the kind of work that children need to be able to do in each year group. These can be found in the Pitch and Expectations folder below.

In addition to the maths curriculum planned by each teacher against the aims and expectations mentioned above, there is also a whole school maths rewards system called ‘Number Ninja’. This system rewards children for their mental maths ability by combining scores from the online maths scheme ‘Khan Academy’ and a range of mental maths tests that demand instant recall of basic maths facts and quick thinking.

You can find out more about our maths curriculum by reading our maths policy below. We are currently working on our calculations policy and have a 'bare bones' version called 'How We Record Calculations at Paganel' to guide teachers in how we will achieve consistency in calculations across the school.
Maths Documents