Local Phiz Lab Opens

24th March 2015
For a few years now, Paganel Primary School have partnered with King Edwards Five Ways to improve our science teaching. At King Edwards Five Ways they have a newly opened Phiz Lab supported by the Ogden Trust and Ogden Trust fellow Dr Jenny Watson. You can read even more about the opening of the Phiz Lab on the Ogden Trust website.
This time, in preparation for the event, Year 6 visited the Phiz Lab for a potions day, then on 24th March, we attended the official opening of the Phiz Lab with Year 4 being priveleged to hear Anu Ojha, director of the National Space Centre give a talk all about space. Excitingly, he appointed out that a future astronaut to Mars is currently sitting in a UK primary school - I wonder if it could be Paganel!
Here are pictures from the Potions Day and the talk by Anu Ojha: