Day 2 of the Year 4 Residential: at the Elan Valley

15th March 2016
Year 4 had a great 2nd day on their 1-night residential. After a marvellous breakfast it was back onto the coach for a drive out of England and into Wales itself to see the Elan Valley where all of the water for Birmingham is stored.
We learned that water takes 3 days to travel from the Elan Valley to Birmingham, so what we saw today will be in our taps on Friday!
The education ranger at the Elan Valley gave as a fantastic tour, explaining about how the dams were made and even letting us walk inside a dam. We climbed up a spiral staircase to eat our lunch on the tower in the middle of the dam, where people aren't normally allowed to go.
As well as the pictues, there is also a video of the day below...