Age Related Expectations

With the new mathematics curriculum's aims to develop fluency, problem solving and reasoning, we have been asking questions to find out what this should actually look like in children's books. The content in the curriculum is clear, but what does it look like for a child to be fluently working with addition and subtraction appropriate to their age group? And likewise what does it look like for the same child to be reasoning and problem solving?
Supported by Neil Scott (Education Central) and maths lead, Stephen Philp, teachers have been analysing children's work to answer these questions. We have started moderation documents, attached to this webpage that are live and will record our ongoing work to map what our children can do against age-related expectations.
Out initial work was with addition and subtraction. The next piece will be around multiplication and division followed shortly after that by fractions, decimals and percentages.
To View the documents please contact the school